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Hair Color Correction

Color correction is the process of adjusting hair that was incorrectly dyed. Professional stylists can tweak hair color to yield desired results. The cost of color correction varies per client and situation, and is determined during a consultation prior to the correction process.

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How to Choose the Perfect Blond Hair Color

They say blondes have more fun  - but only if they choose the right shade of blond. Here you'll learn the right shade of blond for your skin coloring, along with the latest trends in getting that perfect blond hair color.

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How to Choose the Perfect Red Hair Color

From cinnamon to fiery auburn, red hair can look hot! It's important to choose a shade of red that matches with your style and skin tone.

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What Is the Difference Better Highlights and Lowlights?

Highlighting and Lowlighting involves placing color on select strands of hair and leaving the rest of the hair in its natural color. Both color applications can be used separately to add color dimension to hair or in conjunction with each other.

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Is Ombre Hair Color for You?

If you’re ready for a change you should try out the ombre hair coloring. The word “ombre” is French and it means shaded or graduated in tone. Your hair roots remain dark while the rest of your hair becomes lighter. It’s really versatile and can go from brown to blonde, red, purple or any color you want. You can experiment with shades of many colors. The obmre hair coloring doesn’t require much maintenance and it gets better as the hair grows out. Keep the look of your hair natural and add a dose of vibrancy to it by making it ombre. This is an excellent way to stay fashionable and trendy. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should give it a try this season cause it’s one of the hottest hair trends.

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