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Color Correction

A professional colorist can correct hair color mistakes.

Color correction is the process of adjusting hair that was incorrectly dyed. Professional stylists can tweak hair color to yield desired results. The cost of color correction varies per client and situation, and is determined during a consultation prior to the correction process.


When hair color does not yield desired results, clients often seek color correction by a stylist or reputable salon. Color correction is done on a case-by-case basis, as there are many factors that can attribute to unwanted color results. Some reasons color may not turn out correctly is that the dye was left on the hair too short or too long a time, or the dye was not mixed properly. Only a stylist can determine why color did not produce desired results.


Too Light Hair

If your color turned out much lighter than you expected, it can be toned down. Colorists usually add a darker tone to bring the hair shade down to your desired hue. When darkening hair that turned out too light, it is best to visit a salon. When hair is lightened, it becomes more porous, and more prone to breakage and severe damage. A professional colorist can ensure that your hair is the correct color without causing further damage to the hair shaft.


Too Dark Hair

Correcting hair that didn't turn out as light as you'd hoped is easy and relatively quick. The colorist will simply apply more dye in the same shade, and let it sit on hair until it reaches the desired color. This process is usually fast because the dye doesn't need to sit on the hair for very long, and colorists generally know what shade their client originally wanted.


Color Mistakes

Color mistakes don't just fall into the too-light or too-dark categories. Sometimes, hair coloring  takes a disastrous turn, and you end up with orange hair instead of buttery blonde highlights. If you've colored your hair using an at-home coloring kit and it didn't turn out as planned, it is imperative to visit a stylist to correct the color; do not try to fix it at home. Once your hair has been colored, it will absorb dye at a quicker rate because the hair shaft is more porous. Instructions on the box of an at-home color kit may not be appropriate for your already-colored hair. Only a professional colorist can determine how to fix color mistakes.

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